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Celebrating UNCG's 125th Anniversary

Alumni make a difference, at the 125th

Sometimes, a student or a professor just needs a hand. See how alumni are helping propel UNCG’s students and faculty into success – and how you can take part.

Alumni Make a Difference

Give Her a Boost and Watch Her Soar

Whether that’s a senior with an unexpected change in family finances, or a researcher who needs help to complete an exciting study, a gift to the Alumni Association Fund for Students and Faculty will make a difference and help propel our students and faculty into success. With a generous grant of $75,000 from loyal alumni, we have the opportunity to continue the strong tradition of standing behind our alma mater, and providing impactful support when it’s needed the most.


Because in our backyard, empowering students to graduate, creating a successful environment for world-class faculty and helping ensure the opportunity to make a difference is a win for all of us.



photo of woman pushing UNCG student dressed in cap and gown on the swing near the student center