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Celebrating UNCG's 125th Anniversary

In class

Learning at UNCG extends beyond class hours and any classroom walls. It provides the foundation for each student’s future. The lessons learned go beyond facts and theories. The inspiration, the questions, the passion fuel memories for a lifetime.

Words of Wisdom

“I received one of the first MFAs in writing. I took a course every fall and spring, chiefly with Randall Jarrell. He taught Eliot, Frost and Russian Lit as well as writing. He was a magical teacher with an amazing frame of reference.”


– Trudy W. Atkins ‘63 MFA, editor of Alumni News 1964-1982 and currently editor of several Triad magazines. Jarrell (seen in visual at right) was a renowned poet and literary critic.


photo of Randall Jarell teaching class outside
photo of Dr. Joanne Murphy teaching undergraduate students in a classroom

Dr. Joanne Murphy brings undergraduate research into the classroom.

“First day in college, in Dr. (John) Beeler’s World History class, after he talked about the brand new important textbook, he laid out the class rules. He would be giving weekly quizzes on Fridays. You could get all of the answers right, but if you couldn’t explain the significance of the event, you would get no credit. Sounds harsh, right? Not to me, slumped down in my most disappearing pose. I thought, ‘This man wants me to think!’ I sat up and paid attention and never looked back. He set the stage for my entire four years at WC. I received a B in the class – not bad for Dr. Beeler.”

Dr. Celeste Ulrich, Dr. Pearl Berlin, Dr. Kate Barrett, Dr. Rosemary McGee and Dr. Tom Martinek. They all opened my eyes to further learning and the ability in me to meet challenges professionally and personally.

Did You Know?

Petty Building was designed with space on the roof for astronomy classes to observe the stars. Today, it houses a planetarium, with public program.

Our class time together is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s a time to create, together, an educational experience that consists of everyone adding their individualized flavor in a mutual creation of learning.

Class Jackets

Starting in 1927, each class had its own color. Many students would wear the jackets to class, to meetings, downtown, on dates. They were very proud of what the jacket represented, and when they wore it, they were dressed to impress. The tradition ended by the mid-1970s. But each year at Reunion, some alumni still sport their class jackets.

1935photo of a Class Jacket from the Class of 1935
1945photo of a Class Jacket from the Class of 1945
1951photo of a Class Jacket from the Class of 1951
1964photo of a Class Jacket from the Class of 1964
1970photo of a Class Jacket from the Class of 1970